A Great Time to be in Rochester

Welcome to the new and improved RYP website!

As 2015 comes to an end and we celebrate the launch of our new website, it seems fitting to reflect on another great year for RYP and why we believe now is such a great time to be a young professional here in Rochester.

For any readers who are new to RYP, you can always take a few minutes to read through the “About RYP” page, but in short we are a group of young professionals with a passion for Rochester who volunteer our time to coordinate events and activities with the goal of helping RYP members to be more engaged in the community, more connected with professional opportunities, and more empowered to contribute to Rochester’s renaissance.  In 2015, RYP helped coordinate over 60 unique activities with all types of community partners, from local businesses to non-profit organizations and everything in between.

(The RYP Entrepreneur’s Expo, held November 12, 2015)


Now let’s talk about a few of the reasons why it is such a great time to be in Rochester. To frame the conversation, we can look at the factors that contribute to any city being great for young professionals.

Most agree that the opportunity to make a real impact through your work or to develop your career on your own terms is important for young professionals. We have that here in Rochester. Exciting new opportunities with established companies are surfacing every day, and the entrepreneurial community is finally reaching a critical threshold where resources and support have become more available to those making a go of it.

Others engaged in this conversation will point to how well a city cultivates it’s creative class and supports the arts and other creative endeavors generally. Well, Rochester has arguably hit a 50-year high in that regard, as we continue to ride a tsunami wave of both grass-roots and institutional support for public art, open-format performing venues, new galleries and artistic expression in a multitude of other medians.

(The new Rochester Lyric Theatre, which hosted its first performances in 2015)


A third factor in making a city great for young professionals is simply having a lot to do, whether entertainment, recreation or community involvement. Rochester is currently exploding with new culinary offerings, recreational destinations and leadership opportunities among those local organizations working to make this community great.

(Rochester Venture Adventure, held October 17, 2015)


And lastly, no city is attractive to young professionals without a thriving downtown and walkable neighborhoods. And while we still have a long way to go, downtown revitalization is well under way with renewed energy and enthusiasm from so many community partners and advocates, including unprecedented investment from developers.

If the above doesn’t sound like the Rochester you know, then come join us at the next RYP event and get to know Rochester a little better. RYP events bring you to new and interesting venues, and our board members love to talk about what’s going on in town and help our members connect with potential opportunities that will further their professional careers and social lives. I believe I speak for each of our board members when I say that we truly believe now is a great time to be in Rochester!