New Year’s Resolution #1: Stick to This Year’s Resolution

We’ve all been there.  It’s December 31st.  The clock strikes midnight and it’s officially the new year!  We’re excited for a fresh start and can’t wait to see what the year has in store.  We vow to ourselves that this is the year we’ll actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions… and then everyday life takes over.  Work happens.  Our social life happens.  Friends and family happen.  And all of a sudden we find ourselves miles away from our resolutions in a matter of weeks.  How did this happen?

Sticking with New Year’s resolutions can be a challenge.  Many of us say we’ll eat better, exercise more, save more money, volunteer, spend more time with our family, the list goes on.  But life happens and our resolutions get thrown to the wayside, unfortunately.  While there’s no secret formula for how to stick with your resolution, here are a few tips to help you take control of your resolution and work to achieve it:

1. Don’t stretch yourself. The more resolutions you set, the higher the likelihood you won’t achieve them.  Instead of making four or five resolutions for the new year, take one resolution and really focus on it.  Your chances of success are greater when you can channel your energy into changing one behavior about yourself.

2. Create mini goals. Make your resolution one that you can break down into bite-sized chunks.  These mini goals should be concrete, with set deadlines to meet throughout the year, and all steps toward achieving your main resolution.  Creating these smaller goals will give you a path to help you achieve your resolution this year.

3. Treat yourself! As you reach those mini goals throughout the year, make sure to reward yourself for the progress.  There’s nothing wrong with a little celebration as you check off another step towards your goal.  Plus, having these little treats will help you keep up momentum throughout the year!

The new year might have already started, but it’s not too late to set your resolution and stick with it for the year.  By trying out the few tips listed above, you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve in a year!