So… It’s a Date

Dating, whether it is a first date or a 30th date, can be challenging. Deciding what to do or where to go can be a long drawn out debate filled with shrugs and indecision. While there’s a time and a place for dinner and a movie, don’t forget to explore the many other unique and affordable date nights in Rochester. Hopefully this blog post can liven up your dating life and allow you to explore more of Rochester this winter. If you’re single and loving it, consider these ideas for friend dates!

As most people bunker down and head indoors for winter, find a balance to avoid cabin fever and a vitamin D deficiency.  If you hate the cold, use this time to truly explore the museums and cultural experiences located around the city. If you’re a fan of the biting cold or have come to terms with Rochester winters, bundle up and head out into the fresh air.

Nature is always a great place to spend time together. On a good weather day, as rare as they sometimes seem in Rochester during the long 9-month winter, a walk along the pier at the Ontario Beach Park or explore Turning Point Park can be the dose of fresh air you both need while engaging in meaningful conversation or meaningless banter. I find the beach and riverbanks as beautiful covered in snow as they are when the trees are green and in full bloom. On those colder, snowier days, visit the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park. For $4, you and your date can enter an indoor oasis of flowers, color, and beauty year round.

If you love the winter cold or find a mild day before March 12th, meet your date at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park for a chance to skate around the outdoor ice rink. It may be an even better date if you can’t skate well, the perfect excuse to hold onto one another for support. Admission and rentals will only cost you $8 per person, which will leave enough in your wallet for hot chocolate or a Hot Toddy for both of you when you’ve had your fill of fun and falls. When the cabin fever sets in after another endless snowstorm, turn off Netflix and let your kids at heart out. Grab a sled and head to Cobbs Hill Park and take a few tumbles together.

One of my favorite rainy (snowy) day recommendations is to visit a gallery or museum. Luckily in Rochester, the options are endless. For a traditional experience, take a trip over to University Ave to explore the many exhibits in the Memorial Art Gallery. If off-beat art is more your style, visit ArtisanWorks or the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Another favorite way to see the art and style of Rochester is through attending a First Friday, a monthly citywide gallery night that happens on the first Friday of every month.

If history is a mutual interest, visit the Eastman Museum, Susan B. Anthony House, or stroll through Mount Hope Cemetery to get a glimpse into the past of some of the most influential Rochester residents. Put no limits on playtime by spending the day at the Strong Museum of Play, add on the Butterfly Garden for some time in a warm and humid environment with hundreds of butterflies and other animals regardless of the weather outside. Explore the stars and science at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. RMSC now holds frequent “After dark” events targeting the kids at heart for a night of over 21 fun and exploration.

While hibernating with a blanket and Netflix may seem like the best option this winter, know that Rochester doesn’t rest. Enjoy your city that thrives in the cold and enjoy your time with your significant other and friends outside the walls of your downtown apartment. If you’re not feeling quite as motivated, keep these few tips in mind.  They’ll help you make it through the day and accomplish everything you need to – even when you don’t feel like it.