The Purposeful Approach

You know when you feel the day was a blur?  When the time between your head leaving and returning to the pillow was a flurry of chaos? Days like these were my norm for years.

Sure, I had some successes in this fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants way of living, but there came a point where I was slamming my head on that ceiling more often than not.  Around that time is when the exhaustion, monotony and frustration set in. Even though I was still doing exactly what I had done before, I realized I was no longer achieving at the same rate.

Day after day, week after week I just felt stuck, until one key principal within the company I’m now with changed the way I saw my life. It’s the concept of moving from an Entrepreneurial mindset to a Purposeful one. An Entrepreneurial mindset is when we take action or lack thereof doing the things that we naturally enjoy in both business and life.  Everyone has a different level that their entrepreneurial talents can take them. Nevertheless, everyone eventually hits this ceiling when living in this way. At some point we need to switch to a Purposeful mindset and lifestyle. That is when we take control of our days by focusing not on what we want to do, but also, what needs to get done to break through that ceiling and live life at that next level. We need a vision, an end result, a north star of sorts, to identify what actions we need to carry into our daily actions.

The problem is that many fellow young professionals don’t really know what that mission is.  We get to a point where we feel like we’re working SO hard and are SO busy, all at the expense of our careers, our relationships & our health. Sound familiar?

From personal experience, the best advice I’ve received and can now pass along, is to STOP BEING ‘BUSY’ AND SLOW DOWN! Dedicate a certain amount of time EVERY SINGLE DAY to really think about what it is you want out of your career and life.   Even if it’s just ten minutes, use this time to journal, pray, set goals, follow-up on your established goals and to show yourself gratitude on what you were able to accomplish throughout that day, that week or that month.

Once you start to identify what’s on the other side of that ceiling you keep crashing into, you’ll be able to really break down what you need to add or subtract from your day. You’ll no longer just do what’s comfortable; you’ll add or subtract what you need to so you can break ties with what’s holding you back and propel yourself forward. Being purposeful is uncomfortable, but I can assure you, it’s way less painful than hitting your head on that ceiling every day for the rest of your life!