Happy Anniversary to The Pitti Group!

May 4th marks three years in business for The Pitti Group Wealth Management, and we’re happy to celebrate with them. A boutique wealth management firm, The Pitti Group attributes their success to the relationships they build with their clients. “We take pride in providing unanticipated value.  It’s a great feeling to help solve problems,” says Anthony Pitti. Wealth management can be hard to sort out, but we educate clients because they don’t know what they don’t know, and an educated client is our best client.

In January, the group held an informative discussion on the subject of how to get started investing. They covered topics such as how to place trades, the typical costs, how to invest in bonds, what to look for in equities, and what types of accounts individuals should use.  It was open to RYP members and held at Living Roots Wine & Co. Don’t worry if you missed out though, potential clients can schedule a no obligation conversation with an associate. They’ll answer any questions you have and offer an opportunity for you to gain information on their background and services, as well as relay information about your financial and/or retirement goals and objectives.

By providing financial advice, 401k advisory services, investment management, estate planning strategies, and life and long term care insurance, they seek to help create and build upon the foundation for financial success.

At Rochester Young Professionals, we cannot thank The Pitti Group enough for their support this year as one of our platinum sponsors, and for sharing their wealth of knowledge with our members. Congratulations on your first three years and Cheers to many more!