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RYP Community Development: "Remember your favorite place in the library?"

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Central Library of Downtown Rochester - 115 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604
  • Did you have a favorite spot in your high school, college, or public library that you could count on to get away from it all? Did it become a sanctuary for you to focus on your studies or to just get away from your busy life for a little while? Are you an urban dweller and want to find a similar place to go and find "your own little corner of the world" again? Then this event is for YOU! 

    This event is supposed to interest those people who want to get to know more about downtown Rochester, more about the Central Library, and more about the new Tim Hortons in the library. It is supposed to awaken those memories of the times we spent at our own safe haven spots knowing we could go there with a good cup of coffee or tea, sit in a relaxing, quiet place, and focus on work or get away from it all with a good book. Who knows, maybe the Downtown Library will become YOUR new favorite place!

    6-6:30p-----Alyssa Deal and Jason Schwingle of RYP Community Development will have a table set up in the new Tim Hortons. We will welcome RYPer's into the coffee shop where we can meet and mingle, grab a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a hot tea perfect for a cold winter night in Rochester. George and Nidhi Pino, owners of the new Tim Hortons Downtown Library will be there to welcome guests in to their store, to chat about getting involved in the city, and simply enjoy the evening with new friends who might have not known that the store had recently opened. Free Wi-Fi is available in Tim Hortons cafe. 

    6:30p to 7:30ish: Library Tour. RYPer's will be treated to a guided tour of the Downtown Library, where we can all learn about the different sections of the Library, some of its history, as well as its offerings to the community. The tour will last approximately 45mins to 1hr. Feel free to come and go as you please. Librarians will be on hand to get you signed up for a free Monroe County Public Library card if you would like one. 

    Til 8pm: Following the tour, we will go back to our table at Tim Hortons to mingle, share ideas, and get to know one another until they close. 

    The Public Library has become a hidden gem in our society. Come and see something that you might not have known about the city of Rochester. 

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